Northland Goldens

Our goldens


Kai (Kailee)

AKC English Creme/American Golden Retriever

Kai is turning 3 years old this summer. She would rather have your affections and cuddles than anything else. You can find her always by your side awaiting a “good girl” and scratch behind her ears. Kai is a mix of English Creme and American Golden Retriever but her English Creme coloring dominates her fur pattern. Her long tuffs and light fur flow in the wind while she prances around the yard.



AKC Golden Retriever

Buddy is now 5 years old this year. He is a strong, sturdy yet cuddly and loving pet. He loves to run around the yard, plow through the powder in the winter, and get belly rubs while rolling around in the grass during summer time. He can often be found playing in the small creek by our home splashing through the water. He has turned out to be one of our most loyal companions.



CKC F1 Golden Doodle (Silver Phantom) - Genetic Tested and Cleared

Sheba is 5 years old. She is a 50% AKC Standard Poodle and 50% AKC Golden Retriever. She has been genetically tested and cleared. She is full of energy and loves to play as a puppy would. She can often be found running around with her daughter Holly. These two are inseparable. Sheba has mothered 3 litters and has continued to show her love and caring personality to each one of her puppies. She is a great mother!



AKC American Golden Retriever

Baili is 5 years old. Baili naturally has impeccable hunting instincts. Her dark red coat, shimmers in the sun while pointing at birds and critters. She loves to play with her toys and retrieve everything you throw for her. She is also a great mother and protective of her family. She will alert you when there is trouble and tell you when to be aware. Baili is also a lover, and will lay for hours on your lap, if you let her. Baili’s current litter is her 4th litter and we still have some of her pups available.



CKC F1B Standard Goldendoodle - Genetic Tested and Cleared

Holly is the daughter of our beautiful mother Sheba, and is 2 years old. Holly is 75% AKC Standard Poodle and 25% American Golden Retriever. Holly is non shedding and hypoallergenic as well as all of our F1B puppies. Her fur is as soft as a baby’s blanket, and she loves to have you rub your hands through her white coat. She thinks of herself as a lap dog, but weighs in at around 60 lbs. We are expecting to breed Holly this May 2019.



AKC Standard Poodle - Genetic Tested and Cleared

Tucker will be 1 in June this year. Tucker is the baby of the family, and is one of the most sensitive and affectionate puppy we have owned. He loves to lay at your feet and will remain at your side no matter where you go. Tucker also has a huge puppy crush on our golden Kai. When he gets around her, he loves to lick her ears and sit at her side. He loves to run around and play with the other dogs. He is very protective of Greg and Joan even jealous at times at their affection one toward the other. (lol)



AKC Golden Retriever - Retired

Titan just turned 12 years old this past January. He has been a loyal part of our family for many years. He loves to play in the snow during the winter, and is equally as excited to play in the water in the summertime. He loves to find sticks and logs bigger than we can throw and drag them through the yard. He is more excited than a cat to see a flash of light reflected or a laser pointer. As playful as he is, he is also one of the most loyal dogs we have owned. Never far from your side, or out of eye sight.


Missy - Northland’s Mistletoe

AKC Golden Retriever

Missy will be 2 years old this September. AKC Golden Retriever. She has a traditional dark red and silky coat which radiates in the sunlight and is a smaller golden weighing only around 50 lbs. We are expecting Missy to have her first litter due in July 2019. We know she will be a loving and caring mother, with her mild temperament, as well as her sweet cuddling personality. Missy is not far from your side, and is willing to wait patiently at your feet for a pat on the head and a good rub on her belly.