Northland Goldens

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Joan and Greg Reinfelder

Joan is the owner of Northland Goldens, along with the help of her husband Greg. They started their company 18 years ago. Upon the purchase of their first golden retriever, “Sasha” they fell in love with the breed from the start. They loved the companionship, obedience, friendliness, faithfulness, and her unique personality. They decided to begin breeding her when she turned three and this became the beginning of Northland Goldens.

Since the start, they have purchased more dogs not only to breed but to become a part of the family. They now have 2 breeding female AKC Golden Retrievers, 1 male AKC Golden Retriever, 1 F1 CKC Goldendoodle, and 1 F1b CKC Goldendoodle.

They strive to put quality in each litter they breed. They understand that purchasing a puppy is more than just owning a dog, but a long term companion and addition to your family.

Whichever breed you are searching for, Joan and Greg can offer their expert advice in choosing the appropriate puppy to incorporate into your lifestyle.